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Location: Harfield Village, Cape Town

Cape Town Based Online Advertising Agency. CPC Search Engine Marketing. Web Design. SEO Services.

years of experience in Wordpress
Websites Designed in the last 3 years
35 Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns
Logos designed

We won't give you a long song and dance about how terrific we are. You do that when you don't have clients, we're really too busy to even design our own website. Truthfully, we don't need it. We get work based on referrals. But we need a presence they say. But our presence is best felt in person. So we'll keep it short. Websites designs starting from R3,500 and up. All websites are different with different requirements and functionality. Please request a quote. We can do Wordpress Websites, Wix Websites and Webflow. Hosting fee R250 / month if done with us on Wordpress. Monthly management and maintenance fee starting at R500. Monthly SEO content writing, R2000 for 5 articles / month and we create those pages and SEO them. If you want your website SEO'd, packages starting at R2500 / month, obviously that's not full-time, but it's if you have a small budget, we'll pro rate our time to accomodate you.

Our Process

Step One

Discussion of ideas, concepts, target market, branding, look and feel, messaging. Agreement. 25% Deposit which may be more or less depending on software needed to purchase, which is included in pricing.

Step Two

Creative process begins, logos created, with loose structure in place so as not to obstruct the creative flow which knows best in the moment as you start working with options and graphics and colours.

Step Three

Client comments on website as we go, discussions take place, alterations, inputs. Copy created and designed according to target market and the intended messaging with creative writing taking place.

Step Four

Final changes, things we missed, addons, second thoughts, "lets try this" until the client is happy. But most times it's, "OMG, that looks amazing!"